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This is my family.  My husband is Big Foot, as you can see the resemblance to a caveman. The name for this blog started as an inside joke that my husband was Big Foot. Then when our second son was born, he had such fat feet we nicknamed him Fat Foot. From there we joked that we were like a tribe, the Big Foot Tribe, you know because I'm like one of those crunchy mommas. Then we all got nicknames. When it came time to name my blog, everyone felt that Big Foot Tribe was the best name. And here we are years later. Let me introduce you to my peeps...

This is Big Foot. He is a man who loves beards, loud sound systems in the car and all kids and dogs. He is my husband and best friend in life. Not only is he the sole provider for our family as car electronics installer. He is my strength, my motivation, and my love.

We have four children, all of which are unique in their own way.

Long Foot is eleven years old now and sixth grade. He is such an amazing big brother. He puts up with a lot from all of his younger siblings. He is so mature and helps so much. He loves video games, reading books, and skateboarding.
He's so easy going
Loves life
My first born son
Our seven year old, Fat Foot on the other hand loves to see how things work.  He has to lay on the ground and watch the wheels turn on his car and builds amazing train tracks. Brilliant and amazing. 
Everything is so symmetrical
Those eyes

Crooked Foot is five now and very energetic. He loves music and loves dancing.  Never stops moving. Overly friendly and a little quirky, but he is my mini me as he was born the day after my birthday. 

Proud to be quirky
Sweet boy
Here is the youngest of the tribe, Sticky Foot. She is two now but oh so daring. With such upper body strength and agility I am sure this one is going to be a gymnast someday. I spend most of my time as a stay at home mom with her. She is a miniature of my husband. Such a peanut and a great help in the kitchen when she isn't putting the flour in the sugar.
Baby girl

Silly too 
Adorable and she knows it

Cutie Pie

I am Little Foot, a mother to three boys, early childhood educator, and nature lover. Taught young children for a decade now and am not sure where to go next. With a lot of prayer and guidance from up above, He said wait. So that is what I shall do. I am a stay at home mom to our large family where I can explore and expand my skills with cooking and crafting and sharing that here on the blog.   


We have a new member joining us sometime in July, we found out that we are having a baby girl!
This is our family and we love to have fun, make crafts, enjoy nature, and just love being together!  Stay tuned as we continue our journey as a tribe in modern society.  Join us on our family adventures.
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