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This is my family.  My husband is Big Foot.  I met him through my best friend and her husband.  Big Foot swept me off my feet and is the only one for me. 

We have three children, all of which are unique in their own way.

 Long Foot is eight years old and in third grade.  He is so creative in his own way.  He could make up a whole story from one little toy, he is probably going to be a movie writer someday.  He loves to play pretend and is quite dramatic sometimes.

Our five year old, Fat Foot on the other hand loves to see how things work.  He has to lay on the ground and watch the wheels turn on his car and builds amazing train tracks.  He is probably going to be an engineer someday. 

Crooked Foot is three now and very energetic.  He loves music and loves dancing.  Even as an infant he would put his hands together and move his arms to the rhythm of the music.  He is going to be a musician someday. 

I am Little Foot, a mother to three boys, early childhood educator, and nature lover.  Even though I am not working in childcare at this time, I still enjoy teaching my tots as my students.  Parenting and teaching can be challenging but is very rewarding. 

Where did the names come from you ask.  Well, it started as an inside joke that my husband resembles a caveman and when our second son was born his feet were so chubby so we nicknamed him Fat Foot.  Shortly after we joked around that our family was a tribe in modern society.  So, we gave the name Big Foot to our leader and this is his tribe, hence The Big Foot Tribe.  We gave the name Long Foot to our oldest because he has long and skinny feet and I have little feet according to Big Foot so he called me Little Foot.  When our youngest was born, he had crooked feet.  The doctor said he would grow out of it and he did, but he will always carry the name Crooked Foot (poor kid). 

We have a new member joining us sometime in July, we found out that we are having a baby girl!
She is showing us her foot, though we will give her foot name when we meet her!
This is our family and we love to have fun, make crafts, enjoy nature, and just love being together!  Stay tuned as we continue our journey as a tribe in modern society.  Join us on our family adventures.
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