Monday, September 24, 2012

This Mommy Has ADD

With the diagnosis of ADHD in both of my brothers and most of the boy cousins in my family, one would think it is a boy thing.  When my mother was dating a man with attentiveness problems they went together to get tested for ADD and would you know, my mother was diagnosed with a slight case of this disorder.  The doctor told her that she managed to be successful and competent that she does not need medication.  She trained herself to overcome what is referred to as a disorder.  ADD does run through your genes and can be passed on to children.

I realized at some point in my early adulthood that I, myself, have a slight case of ADD.  It was somewhere in my first year of college.  The symptoms list goes on, so I will discuss the symptoms that I have.  Let’s take a look at the list.

Easily distracted
Often looses things
Chronic lateness and forgetfulness
Poor organization skills
Difficulty concentrating when reading

I am a person who works best under pressure.  I do my best work at the last minute or on impulse as most people with ADD.  I love organization yet find it difficult to stay organized.  Once I learned this about myself, and accepted it, I now embrace this.  I found ways to help keep me organized, on task and attentive.

I love using organizing tools for the home such as baskets, drawer organizers, bins, and buckets.  If I keep everything sorted, then it is much easier for me to cut down on clutter.  Now that I am aware of my symptoms and the clutter that comes along with it, I have no problems just throwing unneeded stuff away.  Keeping my home and life clean and simple is a challenge though not impossible.  It takes work, but I know it can be done.

Lists are a great tool as I can visually see what needs to get done all on one piece of paper.  The obvious ones are housework, shopping lists, errands.  I also use lists for planning parties, when packing a bag for a trip, and paying bills.  Most people have a way of organizing these things in their brain whereas my brain is scattered at times, I have adapted to lists to help organize my brain and thoughts. 

Starting last school year when the spiral notebooks went on sale for 15 cents, I bought quite a bit of them.  I now use notebooks to help with organizing my lists. Before this, I had scrap paper and sticky notes everywhere.  I now have a family notebook which I use to write down my meal planning and shopping list, upcoming events, and party          planning.  I have a separate notebook for blogging and internet related notes and lists.   Also have a notebook dedicated solely to the bills.  Each company has its own page.  I write down the amount due, date due, and when it was paid.  With a forgetful mind, and being aware of it, I write down everything.

I keep a dry erase board in the kitchen. I use this for cleaning list and the time I put something in the oven with the time it needs to come out.  One thing I have learned about myself is that if I get distracted while cooking, I will burn it. 

My home is often in disarray with clutter, misplaced items and unfinished tasks.  It drives me absolutely crazy, so I am constantly cleaning, though it is never fully clean.  Part of me just accepts this some days and I give up and the other part of me puts the kids to work and we all clean and organize together.   

Typically, the house only stays clean for about an hour.  This is sad but true.  This is why we clean up an hour before daddy comes home. 

I used to drift off with my thoughts while having a conversation or reading.  This is called inattentiveness.  I had to train myself to pay attention when I was in college.  It was imperative to stay focused on lectures and reading the text books.  Through my self-training on focus and self discipline on time management I successfully made it through college.  I learned a lot about myself at that time and I still use the training and time management skills that I taught myself. 

Being an adult with ADD, means that I am aware and in control.  Having this disorder does not define me, it only makes life a little more challenging, though it is a challenge I have lived with all my life.  It is no different than someone with a birthmark or an eleventh finger.  It is a part of me and who I am and I do not know any other way.  It is no surprise that I think my husband has it too.  He shares many of these symptoms with me. 

ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder.  What it should stand for is Attention, Distractibility, and Different.  It is not a disorder, a person with ADD can and will adapt and function if taught.  A person with ADD does not need medication, children especially do not medication.  There are lots of tips and tricks and natural remedies and self training tools to subside those symptoms, without medication.  There will be more posts on this topic, but for now, this mommy has ADD.


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