Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hands-On Color Sorting

As you may know I am a preschool teacher four and five year olds.  I thought what a great way to put into practice color matching than to sort items by color and do some graphing of the results.  

I started the lesson with having the children go around to the centers and pick out items.  Then the children placed them on the colored paper.  They had so much fun pulling out all the toys!

Then we guessed which color would have the most items and which color would have the least.  The children all took thier guess.  Then we proceeded to count each color and graph on the big board, sorry no pic of that:{ 

But of course the orange was the least amount and red was the most!  The children had a blast with this activity. 

I try to find ways of implementing my lessons with hands on activities and this certainly was a hands on activity.  The children also learned responsibility when they had to sort the toys and put them back in thier centers where they belong!  They are forever learning.  It was fun!

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