Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Introduction To Cloth Diapers

Welcome to Big Foot Tribe's cloth diaper series. In this series I will share with you all of the ins and outs of cloth diapering, extra supplies you'll need, type of diapers, and so much more. I hope to inspire and encourage parents to cloth diaper. Have you considered using cloth diapers? Whether this is your first time around the baby block or have a one year old about to potty train, it is always a good time to cloth diaper. I'll tell you why... There are many benefits to using cloth diapers. Not only do they help save the earth from more disposables, they help you save money. Cool, fun prints and so many types to choose from, what's not to love? Plus, you get some of that money back, can't say that about disposables. Some may be thinking about using cloth diapers while others may not have thought of it at all... This post is just for you. It is super easy and so much more cost effective, not to mention the soft soft diapers on baby's bottom.

There are different types of diapers, so many to choose from. Do not worry about prints and looks yet. First, determine which type you would like to use. 

Covers, fitteds, prefolds, wool

Prefolds with a cover is probably the cheapest route to go when cloth diapering. You have a simple profold cloth diaper that put on the baby a number of ways. There is no one right way to do it. Then you place a cover of some sort over the profold. This keeps everything dry. There are different types of covers, anything from a Thirsties Duo to a WAHM wool. Most people who use refolds, use a cover more than once before washing. Well, they may rinse it and hang it to dry. I know most parents who use prefolds, use two or three covers for the entire day. Plus, they dry so fast.

In addition to the cover you may want to get some Snappis. These hold the profold in place instead of safety pins.
Prefolds, the original cloth diapers

Wool cover by Trulycharis.com  WAHM who makes wool covers

Cover, goes over the profold

Diaper lot of prefolds and covers

 Pockets, inserts

Pockets are great! That's what we use. I love them because to me they are the easiest thing out there. I have about 15 of these and wash them every other day. The only down side to pockets are that you need to 'stuff' them, which means to put the insert inside of the 'pocket'.

Aio, Ai2

These have the inserts built right in. Which is great, no stuffing needed. Though it will take longer to dry. The convenience of these makes them a popular choice.


There are several hybrid brands that mix cloth diapering with disposable diapering. Some people really like these for on the go or traveling. Usually it is the insert where the solids are that is disposable while the rest of the diaper gets washed and used again and again.

Cloth Diaper Lingo:

  • Pilling- leakage
  • Leg Gusset- The stretchy part of the diaper is where the thigh would go
  • Aplix- Velcro or hook & loop
  • Fluff- refers to cloth diapers (ex. fluff mail- means you got your cloth diapers in the mail)
  • Snappi- holds the prefold in place (instead of safety pins)
  • Diaper sprayer- attaches to the toilet to spray solids off of your diaper
  • Diaper pail- it's like a hamper for cloth diapers, the place where your dirty diapers go
  • pail liner- it is a waterproof bag that fits in your diaper pail
  • Wet bag- a waterproof bag for dirty diapers on the go, come in different sizes
  • Stripping- refers to when you over wash your diapers to rid all of the build up (do this monthly)

Cloth Diapering Abbreviations:

  • AIO- all in one
  • AI2- all in two
  • OS- one size
  • WAHM- work at home mom, usually refers to a homemade diaper
  • PUL- polyurethane laminate, makes the diaper water proof

Some popular brands, though most WAHM diapers are just as awesome.

  • Grovia
  • Bum Genius
  • Charlie Banana
  • Thirsties
  • Econobums
  • Alva
  • Sunbaby
  • G Diapers
  • Rumparooz
  • Lil' Joeys
  • Green Mountain Diapers
  • Apple Cheeks

Things to consider when choosing which kind of diaper system you want to go with. 

  • Sized vs. OS
  • Prefolds vs. fitteds
  • Covers vs. pockets vs. aio
  • Snaps vs. aplix
  • Name brand vs. WAHM
  • Hybrid vs. fully cloth
  • Which laundry detergent to use
  • Patterns vs. solid colors
  • To buy new vs. used
  • Hemp vs. microfiber vs. charcoal inserts

Where to buy cloth diapers?

You can buy them from just about anywhere in the world
  • There are local Facebook groups that you can join where they buy, sell, or trade cloth diapers (side note about Facebook groups, it may be difficult to find the right kind of group, but once you do, it's usually very easy to find more of the same kind in your area. Just keep trying.)
  • Ebay- You filter your search to find exactly what you are looking for
  • Online at the manufacturer's website (if you're anything like me, I do not like paying full price for anything, so I shop around to find it cheaper)
  • Ask your local cloth community where there is a brick and mortar store you can visit
  • Target.com or even Walmart.com yep, they sell them
  • BuyBuy Baby or Babies R' Us yep they sell them too, more online though

There is more to come. This is the first post in the cloth diaper 101 series, stay connected to learn more.
I am in no way an expert on this subject, just passionate about it. I am a lifetime learner and there is something I left out, please share in the comments. Any questions? Please feel free to ask in the comments or email me at BigFootTribe{at}gmail{dot}

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Monday, August 31, 2015

End Of Summer Review

It has been a hot minute since my last post. I have been so busy with family lately with preparing for the children's return to school and squeezing in some end of summer fun. I have so many post ideas that all pertain to the same topic... the end of summer. So I decided that I would just go ahead and make just one post of all the exciting things that are going on with the Big Foot Tribe as summer comes to an end.

Here goes...

This little one turned two

We did not have a huge eventful party for our little Sticky Foot, but we had a good time at the bowling alley. We only had a few family members join us for bowling and pizza. It was the perfect low key party any two year old could ask for.

This guy lost his first tooth

Off to kindergarten he goes one tooth less. He tried to pass his swimming test at the YMCA, but he did not have the same drive and motivation of his big brother. He practiced and tried on several occasions, but he was complacent to swim in the shallow end. 

This guy mastered swimming

We spent most of the summer at the YMCA pool. The lifeguards have the kids complete a swimming assessment and give them a wristband according to how well they swam. Well at first we just gave in and got the red band, which means, he had to be within arms reach of me and had to stay on the shallow side of the pool. The ropes ran across the pool to divide the sections. Well, I kept working with him to build his confidence that he 'can' do it and close to the end of summer, he tried for his yellow band and did it! The yellow band meant more freedom, though it was still limited to the shallow end and the middle. The very next day, he was practicing for his green band and made it all the across the assessment area, he just had to make it all the way back and he would have his green band. The life guard told me that he went all the way back he could get his green band. He was only practicing at this point. What a confidence boost, he made it! And he got his green band. From that point on, well for the next few weeks, he was able to complete the swimming assessment every time we went swimming.   

This guy flew home on a plane. 

He went to visit his dad in Florida for the summer. He is so mature and grown up for an eleven year old. His dad paid an extra fee to have the flight attendants keep an eye on him and make sure he goes to the documented adult once he landed. That was the worst three hours of my life, when he took off in an airplane and I did not know anything until he landed in Florida. I was a mess until I heard from his dad that he landed. And then to make it worse, he did again to come home. It was one of the best moments of my life seeing his beautiful face again.

Hubby and I celebrated our ten year anniversary

We went to visit a good friend of ours in Austin, TX who also moved here from Florida. It was such a relaxing, much needed trip. We had so much fun. Read all about here.

This guy survived the kids

Our puppy, Stubbs. It is by some miracle he has made it. These kids sit on him, choke him, pull on all of his extremities. I am amazed at how much this puppy can endure before he actually growls at the kids. Of course he gets in trouble from mom, but the kids do too. He is a good dog and so tolerant of our babes. He is two years old also. 

These guys went fishing

These two bonded

I learned don't let daddy put the baby to sleep

These guys think they are funny.

Here are some random yet beautiful pictures that I took this summer.

The great Texas sky is so big!
You know me, I love nature. I love these photos of the beautiful crape myrtles and all the wild trees and bushes all over our little ole town of Ennis. That's our end of summer review, how about you? What did you do this summer?

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Our Trip To Austin, Texas

Hubby and I are celebrating ten years of friendship, love, and togetherness. He is my rock, my motivation, and my best friend in life. He helps me see things in a different light and keeps me grounded. He shows me affection when I need it most and tells me like it is when I don't want to hear it. He is the father of my children, provider for our home and my only true love. As we celebrate ten years together, we are reminded that time is endless and infinite, but always ticking.

We got a babysitter for the weekend (my mom, aka grandma) and went to Austin, Texas for a fun filled trip and a visit to our good friend who is also from South Florida. He moved to Austin before we ever thought about moving to Ennis. There must be something about Texas that keeps bringing us Florida folks out here. We had a great time, in Austin. We walked around the whole city and my love of art and fascination of architecture led to some amazing pictures. I hope enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed exploring the city.

We visited the graffiti walls and had to have a picture in front of this.
I just love the way the sunset was peeking through the trees.
I <3 The Nature Conservancy - This pic was a must for me. Love those wooden doors, too.

It's a bat. Every night at dusk, over a million bats come out from under the bridge.

The Goodwill store next to the graffiti walls

I had permission to take these ladies picture while she spray painted the wall

You can see the capital building right to the left of my head.

I had permission from the mom to take his picture. I thought he was so cute, trying to spray paint.

We explored the city and I have to say my very favorite part was the graffiti walls. It is amazing to me that anyone can come and spray paint the walls. They even have a little shop where you can buy cans of spray paint. Every square inch of the place was tagged. Most of it was uplifting and inspiring words and works of art. I was surprised to see so little profanity. (Side note, if you happen to see profanity in my photos, I apologize. I was only trying to capture the art of the graffiti walls and none of my photos are intentionally spreading ill mannered art. Thank you for understanding.) 

It was an incredible visit to our state capital and I hope to return someday soon with the kids. They will love it. Oh another side note, I loved that there is a city wide mandate that no plastic grocery bags are to be used. Only paper or bring your own. LOVE IT! and the culture of green living is very imminent. There were bikes all over the place and bike racks at every store that were actually being used. You could even rent a bike for the day. I didn't capture a picture of it, I wish I had, but there was a station with a row of bikes for rent. You just pay per hour or for the whole day ($8 for the day, not bad.)

I loved visiting Austin and I look forward to visiting again, next time we are going to visit Lake Travis and the springs and maybe even zip line, which was just out of our budget. We want to take the boys to the built in inner city skate park and to see the bats come out from under the bridge on Congress Avenue. 

Have ever been to Austin, Texas? Please share your favorite thing about the city.

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