Friday, July 3, 2015

Land Of The Free & Home Of The Brave

Happy birthday America! We are 239 years independent of Great Britain. This great land has always been a symbol of freedom and opportunity. As we celebrate this Independence Day, I am saddened that this once great nation is dwindling in its freedom. 

We've allowed corporations to set precedence in the lawmaking area. Our governors and senators, heck our politicians, as a whole are bought and paid for by the major companies who benefit. The lawmen and women are puppets on a string. I say all of this today as I realize what this great nation has become. Where we came from; it seems we have only returned there but worse. 

We have Monsanto suing small farmers for the companies seeds accidentally falling his land. Forcing the small farmers out of business. Forcing him to rid of his 15 year old seed bank and bankrupting him. 

Corporations like Monsanto getting away with murder as the company has been allowed to poison the people of this free nation for a century now with its DDT, Agent Orange, Aspartame, and genetically modified foods. 

Food corporations have been allowed to add toxins and carcinogens to our prepared and packaged foods. Getting away with ingredients that are 'generally recognized as safe.' How? The watch dogs aka government agencies, that are supposed to look out for our well being and health have been bought. That's how.

We have a forced health care system in place that is only making us more broke and more ill. The solution to any ailment is something cooked up by Big Pharma, who is also running our country. Here take this pill for the rest of your life so you stay sick and they stay rich. They too have the lawmakers and politicians on a string. 

We have rights as parents being taken away from us as to making decisions about our children's health and well being. Mandatory vaccinations are just the the beginning. I have no doubt in my mind that many more rights will be stripped from 'We the people.' 

We have gay marriage rights. I'm not bashing anyone who is gay. I know many, many people who are gay. I don't agree with it but to each's own. I'm am however upset that a small bakery was sued and put out of business because a gay couple was denied a cake for their wedding. That's selfish and uncalled for. It was against the bakers belief. 'Why you gotta be so rude?' I support buying from locals. I'd like to see them sue Walmart for not making their cake. It would never happen. 

We have veterans who, after fighting for our country so that we can be free, end up homeless, jobless, sound mindedless. They deserve better and it pisses me off that a man in a football helmet gets paid millions of dollars while the men and women in the war helmets are treated and paid like horse manure. 

We may be free but money talks. We have the elite, insanely wealthy folks who get away with anything while the rest of us work and pay our taxes and take care of my our families. They donate all kinds of money to causes that put laws in place to strip us of our rights, such as California's SB577 and the Monsanto protection act. 

There are many injustices done to us common folk and I am upset about it. I know we have a good fight ahead of us. I will always appreciate those who have fought and died for our freedom and those still fighting and serving. I will always appreciate being born here in America because after all, it could be worse. I could have been born in some distant village where I have to hike five miles every morning to get a barrel of water instead of going to school. 

As we celebrate our Independence Day with family and friends, backyard barbecues with red, white, and blue food and decor. Going to see the firework shows, let's not forget why we are celebrating. Honor those who gave their lives for our freedom and know that we have some more fighting to do to become free again from the mighty dollar that runs this fine country. 

Thankfully American,
Empowered mom of four 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Homemade DIY Lunchables

My kids always want to get the Lunchables when they see it at the store. You know the one that has something that may or may not be lunch meat, some form of processed cheese and of course cookies and crackers. I think the only reason the Lunchables appeal to them is the part where they get cookies. Ewe! Have you ever tried any component of a Lunchables? 

Here's where I tell the kids 'no, that's not even food' and find items to make my own Lunchables at home.

It is super easy to make your own Lunchable. Here's how! 

I love Applegate for their lunch meat and cheese. They have organics too, but I usually get the less expensive 'natural' turkey and pepperoni. 

Of all the cheeses out there, my family loves Colby-jack. We use it for everything, biscuit pizzas, sandwiches, and of course homemade Lunchables, cut up into cubes or sometimes flat squares. 

I love to include some type of fresh fruit with the Lunchable. We love apples, pears, bananas, or cantaloupe. Just some of our favs. 

We love Late July crackers. The least amount of ingredients, organic and non-gmo. Won, win, win! And they taste great! 

Lastly include other favorites like granola, a side of yogurt, applesauce, fresh raw veggies like carrots or celery. Mix it up each time and have fun with it. Have the children help prepare it, they will truly love it then. And if you must, add a few cookies. We love Newman O's cookies. Delish! 

What is your favorite lunch to make with the kiddos? Please share in the comments. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Flash Giveaway!!! $50 PayPal or Amazon GC

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Product Reviews and Sustainable Living

Big Foot Tribe is an extension of me, my family, my home, and my beliefs. It is where I share the many things that make me me. We love God, our country and this Earth. This planet is all we've got. I am very passionate about saving our planet and living in a sustainable way. I have not always been aware and have slowly progressed into the grass roots movement that I believe in. Many things in my life, home, and family are far from where I want to be as for a green living mommy. Part of that is because we had children before learning about green living techniques and adapting to this way of life with children is a challenge. We share all of the wonderful things we learn about natural living here on our blog.

As the blog has expanded into doing product reviews for companies, I have come to the conclusion that I must support and work with companies that provide sustainable products for consumers. I love me some reusable items made of materials other than plastic. I did a review a while back of these great stainless storage bowls. I want to promote and help spread the message about items that offer recycled materials, re-usability, from companies that practice sustainable actions. 

As I was grocery shopping today, I realized there are so many products that I do not buy. I don't even give them a second glance at the store. Such things as deodorant, candy, sunscreen, and other chemical filled items. I do not want those toxic products in my home nor on my children. Right along with the "stuff," is food. Another huge challenge in my home is the food. I am blown away by the amount of additives and preservatives that are allowed in our food. It is not safe and we do not support those companies, nor anything GMO related. (Stay tuned for another post yet to come on GMOs.) Weeding through all the products I disregard are some amazing ones I love! And I would love to share those with my readers. Once I did a review for this Sprout toddler snack. What a great company to work with, very pleasant and great organic food as well.

I was looking over offers from several different ambassador programs that I have recently joined. They are full of products that I would not even buy at the store. Why would I want to promote such a product. So from this point forth I will not be just a brand ambassador but a sustainable, Eco love, green ambassador. Yeah I like the sound of that! A green brand ambassador!

I hope to help show other mommy bloggers some great products that are not only healthy for them and their family but for the environment and earth as well. It is my goal to help spread the message of the grass roots movement and help those companies and consumers alike, to feel empowered and to embrace change. Together we can create the change needed to save our Earth and live long, healthy lives.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

Big Foot Tribe's Summer Bucket List

The weather here in Texas finally feels like summer. The sun is shining bright and the puddles are drying out. The kids are out of school and ready for anything. What to do this summer? 

We live in a small little town just south of Dallas. So there is much to do around Dallas, but also so much to do here in town. Though Dallas is a lot of fun, with my Eco conscious and frugal self, I love to stay close to home on most of our adventures. 

We have several things planned, some big and some small. Here's Big Foot Tribe's summer bucket list...


We have wanted to go camping for a long time now. We have no camping gear whatsoever, so we have buy all the tents, sleeping bags, and all the other camping items we would need. We are doing this before summer is done. 


Our library has some great programs planned for this summer. There are different people coming each week to entertain/read to the children. They have different sessions for different age groups. We plan to spend a good amount of time in the perfectly air conditioned library. Yay!

Water park

My aunt is a town over and they had built a brand new awesome water park. I haven't priced it out yet, it may be too much. But I would love to visit it at least once this summer. Don't forget sunscreen!

Skate park

My boys love to pretend they know how to skateboard. It could be that their father/ my hubby used to skate. But they have requested that we find a skate park and that is what we shall do. Although, my husband is going to have to help them, because this mommy is not touching a skateboard. 


Home Depot and Lowe's both offer free workshops where the children get a kit and tools to build something awesome. These are terrific for children to gain real life experience and hands on with real tools. Have you seen the little hammer they get to use. So cute! 

Picnic at the park

I love taking the children to the park to play. It's free! I love making our lunch and heading out to play. The children play as they like and eat when they want. And the best part, there's no mess, well there is, just the ants clean it for us. 

Clean out the closets

I know this is not a fun thing to do this summer, but needs to be done. I like to have the children assist me when we go through their old stuff. We decide together what to keep and what to donate. 

Drive in

We love to go to the movies but with all these boys, it can be difficult at the regular movies. They are loud and outgoing. We have a drive in here in town. We have not gone yet. Not sure which movie to see, but definitely want to check out our drive in movies. 

Bike riding around town

I love our little town and all the beautiful historic architecture. To ride our bikes through town would be a great experience for our family. We just need bikes for me and hubby and a trailer for our toddler. 

Visit someplace educational 

I would like to go to the sea aquarium or museum. These are going to take some creative planning with coupons or Groupons. And I know these are up in Dallas. It will be a treat for us this summer.

Visit a local farm

A farmer from our local farmers market invited us to come out and see their farm. These two guys are great! Organic farming at its best. I cannot wait to meet the chickens; he tells me about them every week. 

That's our summer to do list. We have 79 days of summer break, let's how many of these we do. You'll know as we experience each of these, as I love sharing here on the blog.
What are your plans for summer vacation? Please share!

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