Thursday, June 18, 2015

Flash Giveaway!!! $50 PayPal or Amazon GC

Could you use an extra $50? What would you like to spend it on? Flash giveaway time!

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Product Reviews and Sustainable Living

Big Foot Tribe is an extension of me, my family, my home, and my beliefs. It is where I share the many things that make me me. We love God, our country and this Earth. This planet is all we've got. I am very passionate about saving our planet and living in a sustainable way. I have not always been aware and have slowly progressed into the grass roots movement that I believe in. Many things in my life, home, and family are far from where I want to be as for a green living mommy. Part of that is because we had children before learning about green living techniques and adapting to this way of life with children is a challenge. We share all of the wonderful things we learn about natural living here on our blog.

As the blog has expanded into doing product reviews for companies, I have come to the conclusion that I must support and work with companies that provide sustainable products for consumers. I love me some reusable items made of materials other than plastic. I did a review a while back of these great stainless storage bowls. I want to promote and help spread the message about items that offer recycled materials, re-usability, from companies that practice sustainable actions. 

As I was grocery shopping today, I realized there are so many products that I do not buy. I don't even give them a second glance at the store. Such things as deodorant, candy, sunscreen, and other chemical filled items. I do not want those toxic products in my home nor on my children. Right along with the "stuff," is food. Another huge challenge in my home is the food. I am blown away by the amount of additives and preservatives that are allowed in our food. It is not safe and we do not support those companies, nor anything GMO related. (Stay tuned for another post yet to come on GMOs.) Weeding through all the products I disregard are some amazing ones I love! And I would love to share those with my readers. Once I did a review for this Sprout toddler snack. What a great company to work with, very pleasant and great organic food as well.

I was looking over offers from several different ambassador programs that I have recently joined. They are full of products that I would not even buy at the store. Why would I want to promote such a product. So from this point forth I will not be just a brand ambassador but a sustainable, Eco love, green ambassador. Yeah I like the sound of that! A green brand ambassador!

I hope to help show other mommy bloggers some great products that are not only healthy for them and their family but for the environment and earth as well. It is my goal to help spread the message of the grass roots movement and help those companies and consumers alike, to feel empowered and to embrace change. Together we can create the change needed to save our Earth and live long, healthy lives.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

Big Foot Tribe's Summer Bucket List

The weather here in Texas finally feels like summer. The sun is shining bright and the puddles are drying out. The kids are out of school and ready for anything. What to do this summer? 

We live in a small little town just south of Dallas. So there is much to do around Dallas, but also so much to do here in town. Though Dallas is a lot of fun, with my Eco conscious and frugal self, I love to stay close to home on most of our adventures. 

We have several things planned, some big and some small. Here's Big Foot Tribe's summer bucket list...


We have wanted to go camping for a long time now. We have no camping gear whatsoever, so we have buy all the tents, sleeping bags, and all the other camping items we would need. We are doing this before summer is done. 


Our library has some great programs planned for this summer. There are different people coming each week to entertain/read to the children. They have different sessions for different age groups. We plan to spend a good amount of time in the perfectly air conditioned library. Yay!

Water park

My aunt is a town over and they had built a brand new awesome water park. I haven't priced it out yet, it may be too much. But I would love to visit it at least once this summer. Don't forget sunscreen!

Skate park

My boys love to pretend they know how to skateboard. It could be that their father/ my hubby used to skate. But they have requested that we find a skate park and that is what we shall do. Although, my husband is going to have to help them, because this mommy is not touching a skateboard. 


Home Depot and Lowe's both offer free workshops where the children get a kit and tools to build something awesome. These are terrific for children to gain real life experience and hands on with real tools. Have you seen the little hammer they get to use. So cute! 

Picnic at the park

I love taking the children to the park to play. It's free! I love making our lunch and heading out to play. The children play as they like and eat when they want. And the best part, there's no mess, well there is, just the ants clean it for us. 

Clean out the closets

I know this is not a fun thing to do this summer, but needs to be done. I like to have the children assist me when we go through their old stuff. We decide together what to keep and what to donate. 

Drive in

We love to go to the movies but with all these boys, it can be difficult at the regular movies. They are loud and outgoing. We have a drive in here in town. We have not gone yet. Not sure which movie to see, but definitely want to check out our drive in movies. 

Bike riding around town

I love our little town and all the beautiful historic architecture. To ride our bikes through town would be a great experience for our family. We just need bikes for me and hubby and a trailer for our toddler. 

Visit someplace educational 

I would like to go to the sea aquarium or museum. These are going to take some creative planning with coupons or Groupons. And I know these are up in Dallas. It will be a treat for us this summer.

Visit a local farm

A farmer from our local farmers market invited us to come out and see their farm. These two guys are great! Organic farming at its best. I cannot wait to meet the chickens; he tells me about them every week. 

That's our summer to do list. We have 79 days of summer break, let's how many of these we do. You'll know as we experience each of these, as I love sharing here on the blog.
What are your plans for summer vacation? Please share!

Monday, June 1, 2015

10 Reasons Why I Ditched Cable TV

Here are ten reasons I ditched cable TV. 
One small step for mom, one giant leap for the family.

1. My kids were obsessed with TV. They had to watch the stupid Disney sitcom to the end before their life could go on. Annoying! I felt like the bad guy every night at dinner time. The food was hot and ready but the kids wanted to finish the show. 

2. Commercials are not only annoying, but advertise directly to my children. I would constantly hear my children say "I want that!" Over and over again. No thanks. Less is more. 

3. The bill. I cut my cable bill in half by going to internet only. Who needs to pay all that money for commercials ad time sensitive programming?

4. Being glued to the TV at a certain time to watch a weekly show. It especially stinks when it's bed time and you miss the intro to the show because you're behind schedule. 

5. There are so many other options now. With streaming programs like Netflix and Hulu you pay pay a lower monthly rate, a lot lower than cable. With Vudu, you can purchase the entire season of a show to stream as you wish, anytime and as many times as you like. HBO has new streaming only for Apple products thus far, though soon it will be available for other devices too. 

6. The news. No offense to anyone who firmly believes that news people tell the truth and are looking out for the public's best interest, but I just don't believe them. I like to do my own research and not listen to the hype fed to me. Besides they take a small incident and blow it way out of proportion. Who needs that in their life? 

7. I prefer life than TV. Overall, I would rather go outside and play with the kids than sit around on the couch watching TV. Fresh air, sounds of nature and sunshine... Great reasons to get outside. 

8. I like to know what my kids are watching. With programs like Netflix, I can see what they are watching, what they have already watched and encourage them to watch shows like Wild Krats or Monster Math Squad and other educational programs.

9. I can set their profile to kids only shows. This way I know they have age appropriate shows to choose from. 

10. I love that we can choose what show we are going to watch and when. With cable, we have to pay extra fees to be able to record your show and watch later. Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu, we can watch shows and movies on our time, when we are ready.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Tips and Tricks For The Adult With ADD

Whether diagnosed with ADD or just unsure of where your forgetfulness and disorganization comes from, ADD could impact your life in ways that can be frustrating. What does ADD look like? Well, there are many unfinished projects or chores, unorganized, may seem spaced out to others, and interrupts during conversations. The list does go on, but those are the major symptoms that affect me. I wrote a post this, This Mommy Has ADD 

Stick To It

I have a hard time keeping my home clean. It's bad enough that I myself have ADD but two out four children have it as well as my husband. So we are all a little unorganized, interrupt each other, and don't really finish anything. Well when I do complete a task or project in its entirety, it's because I make myself stay with it. You see, if I begin a sewing project and stop it to do something else, I know that sewing project will not get done. So I tell the kids, that I am not stopping what I'm working on until it's done.

There are times where I bite off more than I can chew, such as cooking dinner while trying to do a load of laundry. I either forget the water is filling in the washing machine or burn dinner. I have learned that I must only do one task at a time. Laundry is the worst for a mom with ADD. It's not something that is easy to stick to. I mean it takes two hours to do a load from start to finish and all this time in between steps. The problem is that I forget about it. On any given day I can open the lid to the washer and find a load that has been there since yesterday. Ah man, now I have to rewash it. 

To Schedule or Not To Schedule

I find a schedule is one of the most difficult things for me. I tried a cleaning schedule, meal plan, blogging schedule. Schedules do not work for me. I don't know if it has anything to do with my ADD or if it's just me. I find schedules hold me back. There are some days where I can clean the entire house because I have the energy and conviction to do so. Whereas other days I barely get the dishes done. You see, as a mom with ADD, I am very spontaneous. I do things on a whim, spur of the moment, very much unplanned. Though I find it helpful to make the schedule as to have something to reference to make sure I have completed everything.

I do however make a meal plan for the week, though it is more like a guideline. I write it all done on the side of the fridge, because I have all of the ingredients for those meals. Some nights I make something that is not even on the meal plan. Again, very spontaneous.

Time Blocks

I found it very helpful to break my day up into blocks of time. Now, this contradicts what I said previously about staying with the task until it is done, I know that, but it helps to have an end time. I give myself two hours of computer time and in that time I have a list of tasks that I should do. Then I give myself an allocated amount of time to clean and decide which area of the house I will clean. 

There may be times where I get into a project and did not realize the extent of time it would take. Here's a perfect example. I put the boys clothes away and as I hang up their shits, I realize that I need to put away the winter clothes. So I sort through the boys clothes to pull out all the long sleeve shirts. But then I decide I also need to go through their pajamas and then their pants. Oh my it's 6 o' clock now and I have to cook dinner, but I have clothes in piles all over their room. Err, I am going to go cook dinner and come back to it tonight at bed time. Except, by bed time, the boys have destroyed their bedroom and my perfectly separated piles. Err, double err. True story. In retrospect, I should not have taken on the entire project all at once. Perhaps only do the shirts at that time and do the pants another time and then then the pajamas another time. 

You see, by allocating certain chores and/ or projects during a certain block of time only, I am putting in place a boundary. I finish what I can in that time and move on. It just helps me. I actually get more work done knowing that I have a due date or end time. I guess I work better under a time restraint and am more motivated in that way. Just like when I was in school. My best projects and papers were completed under extreme pressure because I waited until the last minute to get it done.  

Lists & Notebooks

Another thing I do to help myself stay organized is lists, lists, lists. I write everything down. If I don't write it, I forget it. A grocery list is a must for me. I write lists on the fridge, in notebooks, and even scrap pieces of paper. Though scrap pieces of paper are not a good idea. When your biggest challenge is to stay organized, the last thing you want is a bunch of scrap papers. Notebooks work best. I have a very visual memory and I can easily find what I am looking for in the notebook, based on the other things written down. I have different notebooks for different things, such as a blogging notebook, bills and finances, an Etsy notebook, and a sewing notebook.  Write it all down so you don't forget. 

There you have it. One moms views of working through life with ADD. It can be done and it is not a deal breaker. With each challenge put forth, comes effort and conviction to work through it, What challenges do you face as a mom? How have you worked through it? Anybody else have ADD as an adult? In what ways do you find to work through it? Please share in the comments! 

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