Friday, May 22, 2015

Tips and Tricks For The Adult With ADD

Whether diagnosed with ADD or just unsure of where your forgetfulness and disorganization comes from, ADD could impact your life in ways that can be frustrating. What does ADD look like? Well, there are many unfinished projects or chores, unorganized, may seem spaced out to others, and interrupts during conversations. The list does go on, but those are the major symptoms that affect me. I wrote a post this, This Mommy Has ADD 

Stick To It

I have a hard time keeping my home clean. It's bad enough that I myself have ADD but two out four children have it as well as my husband. So we are all a little unorganized, interrupt each other, and don't really finish anything. Well when I do complete a task or project in its entirety, it's because I make myself stay with it. You see, if I begin a sewing project and stop it to do something else, I know that sewing project will not get done. So I tell the kids, that I am not stopping what I'm working on until it's done.

There are times where I bite off more than I can chew, such as cooking dinner while trying to do a load of laundry. I either forget the water is filling in the washing machine or burn dinner. I have learned that I must only do one task at a time. Laundry is the worst for a mom with ADD. It's not something that is easy to stick to. I mean it takes two hours to do a load from start to finish and all this time in between steps. The problem is that I forget about it. On any given day I can open the lid to the washer and find a load that has been there since yesterday. Ah man, now I have to rewash it. 

To Schedule or Not To Schedule

I find a schedule is one of the most difficult things for me. I tried a cleaning schedule, meal plan, blogging schedule. Schedules do not work for me. I don't know if it has anything to do with my ADD or if it's just me. I find schedules hold me back. There are some days where I can clean the entire house because I have the energy and conviction to do so. Whereas other days I barely get the dishes done. You see, as a mom with ADD, I am very spontaneous. I do things on a whim, spur of the moment, very much unplanned. Though I find it helpful to make the schedule as to have something to reference to make sure I have completed everything.

I do however make a meal plan for the week, though it is more like a guideline. I write it all done on the side of the fridge, because I have all of the ingredients for those meals. Some nights I make something that is not even on the meal plan. Again, very spontaneous.

Time Blocks

I found it very helpful to break my day up into blocks of time. Now, this contradicts what I said previously about staying with the task until it is done, I know that, but it helps to have an end time. I give myself two hours of computer time and in that time I have a list of tasks that I should do. Then I give myself an allocated amount of time to clean and decide which area of the house I will clean. 

There may be times where I get into a project and did not realize the extent of time it would take. Here's a perfect example. I put the boys clothes away and as I hang up their shits, I realize that I need to put away the winter clothes. So I sort through the boys clothes to pull out all the long sleeve shirts. But then I decide I also need to go through their pajamas and then their pants. Oh my it's 6 o' clock now and I have to cook dinner, but I have clothes in piles all over their room. Err, I am going to go cook dinner and come back to it tonight at bed time. Except, by bed time, the boys have destroyed their bedroom and my perfectly separated piles. Err, double err. True story. In retrospect, I should not have taken on the entire project all at once. Perhaps only do the shirts at that time and do the pants another time and then then the pajamas another time. 

You see, by allocating certain chores and/ or projects during a certain block of time only, I am putting in place a boundary. I finish what I can in that time and move on. It just helps me. I actually get more work done knowing that I have a due date or end time. I guess I work better under a time restraint and am more motivated in that way. Just like when I was in school. My best projects and papers were completed under extreme pressure because I waited until the last minute to get it done.  

Lists & Notebooks

Another thing I do to help myself stay organized is lists, lists, lists. I write everything down. If I don't write it, I forget it. A grocery list is a must for me. I write lists on the fridge, in notebooks, and even scrap pieces of paper. Though scrap pieces of paper are not a good idea. When your biggest challenge is to stay organized, the last thing you want is a bunch of scrap papers. Notebooks work best. I have a very visual memory and I can easily find what I am looking for in the notebook, based on the other things written down. I have different notebooks for different things, such as a blogging notebook, bills and finances, an Etsy notebook, and a sewing notebook.  Write it all down so you don't forget. 

There you have it. One moms views of working through life with ADD. It can be done and it is not a deal breaker. With each challenge put forth, comes effort and conviction to work through it, What challenges do you face as a mom? How have you worked through it? Anybody else have ADD as an adult? In what ways do you find to work through it? Please share in the comments! 

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Awesome Sticker Chart Method

With four children, it is crazy at my house. I spend my whole day making it a home and they come home from school and wreck it in five minutes. Then I spend the next hour or two after them to clean it up. On any given day one or two of the children are just uncooperative. It's a pain in my behind and annoying. In addition to the mess, there is homework. Let's just say I am out of teeth and nails when it comes to homework.

So what does a fed up mommy do? I made a plan to fix this situation. I bought a simple sticker chart from the dollar store, complete with stickers and a booklet of charts. I call this the awesome sticker chart. For every good deed and good choice, the children get an awesome sticker. When the sticker chart is filled up, the reward is $5 to spend or save. I can tell this is better than any method I have tried in the past and most likely going to work.

As a mommy with ADD, it is very difficult for me to be consistent. Every time I have tried an allowance/ sticker chart in an organized manor, it has failed. I am sporadic, therefore my rewards must be sporadic. I notice something awesome, the children get an awesome sticker, right away. It is very random and not sequenced like a chore chart.

I do believe it is important for children to carry some of the responsibility of the household, otherwise known as chores. I just cannot stick to any kind of schedule or plan for them. The boys' chores consist of them picking up after themselves. They are not expected to do the dishes, only to take their dirty dish to the sink. They are not required to wash their laundry, just responsible to put it in the hamper. 

So for each awesome thing they do, they get an awesome sticker. When I told the boys about this method, I warned them that they have to remind me about the sticker right away or I might forget. I told them do not to wait, we need to do the sticker right away. This way we do not forget. Every good deed must be recorded. 

The awesome sticker chart! One mom's way of rewarding good behavior and good deeds, when mom has ADD. 

What ways do you motivate your children to stay on task? Please share in the comments!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Apps For Buying & Selling

A great way of saving money for my family is to buy used items we need, such as clothes, toys, outside toys, and household items. I love to buy second hand items. It saves them from being thrown into the dump where they will wither away and it saves money for my family. It's environmentally practical to buy second hand items, some to repurpose. My favorite method of buying already loved items is Facebook groups. I found so many local swip swap and buy, sell, trade groups. I also love to sell our gently used items to local families that can use it. Selling is a different story though. I cannot seem to sell anything on the Facebook groups. I have tried out two different apps for buying and selling already loved items. Here is my consensus.

My friend told me about this OfferUp app. So I checked it out. With its simple platform and its ease of use, it's a great little app. It's for local buying and selling, which I love. No shipping! The idea of OfferUp is that you message the seller an offer. If they have the item listed for $10, you can ask them if they'll take $8. And mostly they accept it. I posted several items and made a sale the first day!
It has a simple search bar to filter the listings to help find exactly what you're looking for. When scrolling through the listings, there is only a picture, a very small picture, with no price. When you click on the picture you can then view the listing in its entirety.

Though, I love the simplicity of this app, I do not like that you can only post one picture, to which some people list the same item with different pictures, hogging up the feed.  

I also tried another new app, 5Miles. It's a similar selling app for local people. 5Miles is set up more like eBay to where you can list items for local pickup only or a add shipping service. With 5Miles, you can post lots of photos of your item, along with a longer, more in depth description. It's also better when scrolling through the listings as the price and location are beneath each picture. Where I enjoy the platform of this app more than OfferUp, I have yet to make a sale. 

So there you have it. One mommy's view on buying and selling on the iPhone. Do you buy or sell used items? What have you found to be useful when doing so?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Moms Make The World Go 'Round

Moms come in all shapes and sizes. Many different colors and different beliefs. Moms everywhere have the hardest job of all time. We are the CEO of our home. We multitask and get stuff done. We make the crucial decisions that need to be made. 

We cover all aspects of running a home. The budget, meal plan, and schedule all hang over our heads. As well as the cleaning, laundry, and meeting everyone's needs in the home. Time management, managing 

Before becoming a mother, we start out as managers. We manage time, money, and food. We manage cleaning, shopping, and date nights. Once we step over that threshold into motherhood with a little persons life in our hands, we become the CEO. It takes your job to the next level when a little person is placed in your arms.  

As the CEO of your home where you mange the budget, schedule, and meals, you also mange people. The people in your home rely on you, seek guidance from you and depend on you to help them succeed. It is no easy task. Oh imagine the rewards. There is no retirement fund or pension. Only the outcome of which your child will become. That's why it is the most important job you will ever hold as a woman and the most rewarding. When your child is in their 20's, you can look at him and appreciate the adult he has become. You did it! You will forever be mom, CEO, and your work is never done.

Then a new CEO steps in and manages the home of your grandchildren. And no matter what kind of mother you were, it is certain that she will be a different kind of mother. That is the beauty of it all, no one is like anyone else. We all have our own way of managing our home and family.

Here's to all moms, grandmother's and mothers to be everywhere. We celebrate all of you this Mother's Day weekend! 

What are your plans this weekend? Any special traditions? Please share in the comments!

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