Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tips On Shopping With Children

Shopping with children can be a pleasure or can be a total bust. Busy little ones just want to move and of course they want everything they see in the store. We've all seen it where a toddler is screaming their head off in the store and I'm sure we've all been there ourselves. It can be difficult to say 'no' a hundred times through the store and 'come on' and 'this way'. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If dinner is going to happen, you need groceries. Here are some tips I found that worked for me when shopping with my children.

Park near cart return:
This is helpful for when you're all done and put all the groceries away and buckle your toddler in. The cart return is right next to your vehicle and you do not have to walk far. 

Bring snacks:
Snacks help ease the 'I want everything I see' syndrome. It's a good distraction for little ones and helps pass time for them too.

Find new ways to say 'no':
I'm sure already use a few different words other than 'no'. For instance, 'not this time' or 'maybe next time'. Phrases like that make it seem less absolute.

Pick a good time of day:
Go after nap time or in the morning when bubs is well rested and ready for fun. Make sure your child is not hungry. This will only make each 'no' more intense for your child. Pick a time of day that works best for you and your child, where they are fed and happy. For me its mid morning.

Avoid toy section at all costs! 
If you happen to go to Walmart or Target for groceries, do NOT go near the TOY section. You are only setting yourself up for failure with that one. Some grocery stores now have a full toy aisle usually near the baby products. Just grab what you need and u-turn back the other way.

Make a list:
Make a list and stick to it! No extras, no pondering over which product to get. Make a detailed list of everything you need. I like to get certain products, so I write it down as so. Also, make your list according to sections; it will be much easier to go through the store this way; dairy, frozen foods, canned, condiments, and so.

Stop by bakery for cookie last:
I find that I give small bits of goldfish or other dry snack during my shopping adventure is best. Then as a treat we stop by the bakery last to get a cookie on our way to checkout. If you go by there first, bubs will get the sugar sneaks and get antsy on ya. 

Bring a second adult if you can:
By having another person with you, it helps you focus more on the list. 

Don't forget your reusable shopping bags:
They are not only environmentally ideal over the plastic bags, they carry more and its less work getting everything into the car and house when you get home.

Lastly, keep it fun for your babe:
It's no fun for your child if your just not in good spirits. In which case they will act out more. So keep it light, keep it fun. Acknowledge their conversation and talk with your child through the store.

Shopping is so much fun, shopping with children, maybe not so much. Follow these simple tips to help make your next shopping adventure a positive one. Please share your success tips on shopping with young children. What works for you?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Sale On Green Kid Crafts Plus Free Trial

It's almost Spring and we are dreaming of outdoor adventure and warm-weather fun. To kick off the season Green Kid Crafts is having a 40% off sale. 


Save 40% on your first month of any new subscription to Green Kid Crafts from 3/9-3/25 Use offer code SPRING15 at checkout. Green Kid Crafts' award-winning subscription program delights kids and their parents with monthly deliveries of 4-6 fun, engaging and educational STEM Science and Creativity kits. No planning or prep required - just open the box and have a blast together! The open-ended projects promote children's creativity and build confidence, while the monthly themes invoke curiosity about the world around them. Projects are designed for ages 3-10. Your subscription will start with an all new Dinosaurs Discovery Box. The box will ship around April 10th.

Not sure if you want to commit yet?

For a limited time and until supplies last, enjoy a free sample-size project from one of their most popular Discovery Boxes - Mad Science! Pay only $4.95 shipping. You will be automatically enrolled in a Green Kid Crafts monthly subscription, and may cancel at anytime. Click here to get your free trial.

Your free trial includes the popular Slime Monsters STEM Science Kit

Let your pint-sized scientists' run wild with this fun sensory science project! 

This STEM Science Kit includes:

- everything needed to make two slime monsters
- kids will get creative with full-size glue, paint, pom poms, and wiggly eyes
- 2 bonuses: Lorax Magazine and Lorax Activity Guide

*Note: This is a sample kit, not a full-size Discovery Box. This Slime Monsters Kit is one of 4 projects from the award-winning Mad Science Discovery Box. Your free trial project will ship within three business days. You will be automatically enrolled in a Green Kid Crafts monthly subscription, and may cancel at anytime. You will have 14 days after your trial project ships to cancel your subscription. If you choose to not cancel, you will be charged $19.95 per month and receive 4-6 new projects per month with your Green Kid Crafts monthly subscription. You may cancel at any time with no penalty or obligation. 

Click here for more information. 
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Telic Sandals Giveaway

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Potty Training~Day 1

Trials and triumphs. She pooped in her underwear and I accidentally flushed her panties down the toilet. But I think we are well on our way. Read on for details about potty training day 1. 

So my toddler is showing all the signs that she is ready to potty train. She takes her diaper off all day long, wakes up dry, and has a general interest about what's going on in the bathroom. So we didn't have anything going on this weekend. We're not planning any outings so I decided it would be a great time to get her used to the potty. 

I've done it three times already but with the support and assistance of a daycare. This time me and hubby are the only two involved and she's a girl. The boys were fairly difficult to potty train. I contribute it to several environments and several grown ups being involved. They say girls are easier. We shall see. 

I already have padded training underwear for her. I've been stocking up. So we've been wearing those all day with a shirt or dress. I put her potty just outside of the downstairs bathroom so it's easier to get to on the fly. 

She sat on the potty a lot today, but didn't actually do any of her business in the potty. She has a Clifford book that makes sounds that she looks at while she sits there. And every time we go to the potty I take whatever it is she's playing with with us to the potty so she can have it right back when she's done. Stepping stones. 

She had a runny poopy, which I contribute to the junk food day we had eating fried foods at the zoo. While using the dunk and swish method to clear the undies of poo, I accidentally let go of them and down the toilet they went. Umm, what's going to happen? I'm bummed I lost those undies. I bought them second hand but they are cloth diaper training pants. Say awe man! I'm hoping for the best. I'm hoping no back up drainage or overflowing. So far it's been ok. 

That's my funny moment of potty training day 1. We'll see what tomorrow brings. 

What tips can you give this momma on potty training a young lady? Please share in the comments. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Conversation Starters

Getting your kids to talk about their day is next to impossible sometimes or they may go off on a tangent and tell all about the wrong stuff. Well not wrong to them just too much detail about one small thing. 

It's a great thing to want to know what your kiddo did all day, but it's heartbreaking when you just don't know or when they give you one word answers. 

Here's a list of conversation starters to get your kids to spill their beans. 

What was your favorite part of the day?
What did you learn about today?
Tell me about your day? 
What did you eat for lunch?
What did you learn about today?
Who did you play with today? 
Which center did you play in today? 
Did anything funny happen today?
Add this statement to any answer... Tell me more!

It can be so much fun having a conversation with your child. What questions do you ask your children to get the conversation going?

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